Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A question of size

It's been a busy month, what with my boys turning one and three, me turning thirty-five and baking for all these birthdays... But, I've been busy thinking too. I'd love to create little dioramas for my dolls, a la Sloane Tanen with her amazing chickens. So I started getting all my little things together, and even bought a tea set on TradeMe. Problem is, I had no idea of the scale, and so Lily ended up with a doll's tea set all of her own.

Then I made a blue Fimo teapot, and forgot it in the oven for over an hour, so it looks like real burnt pottery. Not much luck!

But I think I'm on to it now, and here's a little collection of things I'd like to use (funny I found most of these very classy items in the $2- and op shops!).


justagirl said...

oh I love them!!! the kete is sooo cute, didn't know you could get them that small.

Just wondering if you have heard of etsy.com? it is really great for inspiration. Am going to set up a shop of my own soon.


ruby in the dust said...

Hi Katherine,

Yes, I'm registered on etsy, but I don't have enough stuff to sell! It's such a great site, full of inspiration, as you say.

The kete was $1 from the $2 shop. Hehe. Perfect size! good luck with your shop,let me know when you're there.