Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to make a doll: Part one

I've just started making a new doll, and I thought it would be fun to blog the process. It would be so cool to know that somebody learnt something new or got inspired to make something nice after seeing this :)
My dolls are very basic, but the fun lies in embellishing them: face, hair, clothes, accessories (I suppose it's a bit like us real girls, hey). Anyway, here's her face: painted and embroidered. I often start off with a vague idea of what I want her to look like, but find that the doll's personality grows as I make her (especially when I put the hair on), and sometimes it's a bit out of my control. No idea what she's called, or even what hair colour to use, so follow me over the next couple of weeks as she turns into a little personality! Feel free to ask questions or send me your feedback...


dina said...

lovely idea, thanks
I love fabric dolls
I'm starting one right now :)
But it's funny, the faces are the last thing that I do :)
First ... I cut, dress, put the hair and than ... I paint the face :)

justagirl said...

What a wonderful idea!! I used to make dolls as a teenager and the hair was my favorite part.

maybe I will follow your instructions and make one for my son. I will tell him it's a fireman and he will love it.

Thanks for you comments about my etsy shop. Let me know when you get yours up and running.


ruby in the dust said...

Hi guys, it's so cool to know you're following this! My pattern is very basic, but I don't want my dolls to look like little people with jointed limbs :)

I do the face first, because I like to embroider it, which would be too difficult to do at the end with stuffing in. In saying that, it makes it more tricky, because I have to be very careful not to cut off her eyebrows when I sew the head!

candeelady said...

What kind of paint do you use on the eyes? I teach very simple doll crafts but I'm starting to make some of a better quality and the face is an enigma - I've got too many possiblities spinning around in my head