Monday, June 30, 2008

Kiwi girls

I just got a lovely email from Sue, my friend Kate's mum. She's a gorgeous lady with very good taste in dolls, she bought my Kiwi twins a while ago. She just sent me a couple of photos to show how well they've settled in to her place, and the nicest note/testimonial:

"'Kiwi Girls' - when I saw these dolls made by Heleen( Ruby in the Dust), I just had to have them!!!
Firstly, they are a unique addition to my growing collection of kiwis that I started about 30 years ago. But also, and more importantly, they reminded me of my carefree teenage years...of the hours my girlfriends and I spent together sewing, knitting and creating. I call them 'kiwi girls', because that's what they are to me. They are happy, easy-going, interested and full of the possibilities life has to offer. Heleen has created dolls with individual personality. Apparently the sweaters are made from an old pair of gloves. Here are the girls photographed outside together and inside amongst other kiwis they share their lives with."

Thanks Sue, you're just the kind of person I like making dolls for!

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