Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Part four: she's finished!

Meet Sophie, lover of all things vintage, but not really an old-fashioned girl... I finished her last night, and couldn't wait to blog her (I know, I'm so sad, no life! hehe).

I love the bit of jewellery in her hair, it's a broken old brooch I found in an op shop. She has green shoes because the first pair I made her out of brown macrosuede just looked wrong, and I decided green wasn't too bad at all, it goes with the eclectic look.

Cool, that's her done then. I've already started thinking about my next doll, maybe she'll be a bit younger looking, like a little girl. I've got quite a collection of dolls now, I've sold 3 so far, but am a bit reluctant to sell my last few. I suppose I'm sentimental about them, but I also think I should use their image instead of selling them (like illustrating kids' books or something). Any ideas?


CalicoDaisy said...

Hey there. Love your doll and her stripey legs. How do you put the hair on? Sew it down? I'm finishing up a folk art cat doll for a swap right now. I'm late, but it is nearly done, and I do hate to send her off.
-- Michele

ruby in the dust said...

Thanks! Yes, I just sew it on with cotton or the same wool as the hair.

Elo said...

Oh she is so lovely!!!! I love her legs!!!!!
This week I made my first Tilda and soon I'll post it in my blog!

dina said...

I love your dolls
they are really funny