Sunday, June 15, 2008

Part three: She's got hair! And clothes!

Wow, I really struggled to decide on this outfit, maybe it was the pressure of THE BLOG; I wanted it to look just right... I got over that pretty quickly though, and just wanted her dressed. So I went for my take on Trelise Cooper for the skirt, and got a bit creative with the shirt pattern. The hair then went on (old knitting wool from an op shop), and now she looks like she's a big Scrabble fan (according to my husband, Craig, maybe too big a fan). Oh well, nerds are in!

Now I still need to make her shoes and give her some jewellery; she might still turn out to be a cool nerd after all! I'll do that at craft group tomorrow night, and hopefully she'll be finished and named by Tuesday.


AnnieB said...

she is beautiful! what did you use to paint on her face?

great idea to chart her progress - is very interesting to follow

ruby in the dust said...

thanks! I use acrylic paint, textile paint would obviously work well too. I found some stencilling paint once that works very well for dry-brushing the cheeks (like Lily's). I finished her jewellery tonight, but still need to do shoes, hopefully all will be revealed by Wednesday!!

dina said...

great, I love ir