Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Part two: the body

I just finished the boring part of this exercise: turning and stuffing. It doesn't really take that long, it's just so...boring, probably because it's the least creative part of dollmaking. Maybe I'll outsource that one day when I can sell my dolls for hundreds of dollars (hahaha).

Anyway, here's the body. I forgot to photograph the back, might have to add a pic later to show the arms (they're just one long sausage that I stuff and then hand-sew onto the back). The legs are done in the same way, stuffed first and then sewn into the body. As you can imagine, turning these little limbs can be tricky, but my long tweezers and chopstick do the trick allright. (I refuse to buy the medical equipment for tuning that real dollmakers use, I've got everything I need!) I've had to start reinforcing the neck with pipe cleaners, because the hair can be too heavy and make the head look floppy.

I had a look at possible hair, but I won't make a decision until she's dressed. Here are some hairstyles, I quite like the purple and brown hair.


Elo said...

My name is Eloisa and I'm crafter too! I just want to say that dollmaking is a great thing to do but I have to agree with you: the stuffing part is so boring... I love you doll!!!!

ruby in the dust said...

Thanks Eloisa! Yes, some days I wish the fairies would come and stuff my dolls for me...

Megan Robinson said...

Hi! I am so enjoying reading your blog as I saw your work at the Chelsea Kindy Fair. I am just online working on my fashon website ( and thought I would drop you a line to say, "well done!" Gorgeous things and your craft has so much personality, emotion and loads of style.
Best wishes,
Megan Robinson.