Monday, July 14, 2008

The dark side

I've had such a great day today, and am full of inspiration now. Went to visit Maya at G2 this morning; she's helping me with ideas of what to do with my dolls. She's full of them ideas; I always leave there with interesting links and new angles on how to market my dolls. Then went for a little walk down K Rd (for those not in Auckland, Karangahape Rd is full of secondhand clothing and sex shops, and most things in-between): finally bought the latest World Sweet World copy at Iko Iko, saw some very nice secondhand clothing all for under $20, and got sucked into the exotic darkness of Miss Illicit. That shop's got to be the coolest in the city. Also looked up an artist called Candice Tripp, who's got a delightfully dark view of the world. Here's my favourite one of her paintings, called 'Our horrible mistake'. I can feel a goth doll coming on...

It was possibly also an important day, in that I couriered a very nicely wrapped parcel containing New Matilda to a certain lady designer. Will blog if anything happens in that department.


Anonymous said...

hey, sorry i didnt get a certain ladies details to you... she'll be mad not to make contact in some way... make sure you follow up..!

I recently sent a whole lot of stuff to jamie oliver... i strangely thought that since he is such a nice guy he would reply in person, or at least send me a photo of himself with one of the things i sent... for our blog... but no such luck... just a thankyou from his assistant!

ruby in the dust said...

Thanks K! that sucks, like you say, you expect a certain level of courtesy, even from celebrities. i'm hopeful about this, will call her PA on friday if I hear nothing :)