Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Matilda

Look at the massive difference a new hairstyle can make (although us girls have always known the power of a good haircut!). Here's new Matilda, looking more like a 21st Century girl who likes reading Clarice Bean, not the Secret Seven!

I finished her last night at craft group, and am very happy with the result. Now for her story: she's dressed in a Trelise Cooper (surprise surprise) dress, from her Kids Summer 08 collection. If I seem obsessed with Trelise, it's mostly because I share her love for trims and frills (for my dolls, not brave enough for that on my own clothes!), and also because her designs seem to work well on my dolls. Here's the original (2nd from right):

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candeelady said...

Love the blue hair! I love to use freaky hair colors in my dolls. I'm planning an etsy shop soon.