Monday, August 25, 2008


After a weekend of the flu and no computer, I can finally show you the completed Muriel. She's very dressed up, maybe even overdressed, but everything just seemed to work together. I did draw the line at putting on the "Muriel" brooch as well, so some restraint was shown...

The outfit nearly didn't make it; got a bit annoyed with the fabric and the way it was sewing, but eventually solved the main problem of messy armholes by doing buttonhole stitch around them. The dress was also too wide, so I had to redo seams; the belt wasn't sewn on straight so I unpicked that and resewed it. Needless to say, that little dress took much longer than expected. Does this say something about me? I think I can be a bit particular, some might say anal, about how I finish things:) But of course it shows in the end, and that's why I do it so carefully. Here's a pic of the dress when everything just looked wrong:

Now I can finally play around with Photoshop; did a day-long course the other day, and I've been so full of ideas about what I can do with these little ladies.

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candeelady said...

Muriel is fantastic. I totally get how the little corrections are so important!