Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A work in progress

I've finally had some time to put Muriel's look together, and now I can't wait to make her outfit. This is just a little sneak peek at everything arranged around her, nothing's really been sewn yet. My three-year old is at home all week with chickenpocks, so has been very helpful with stuffing her little legs today, and also accidentally tipping out a heap of beads on our wooden floor. As you can imagine most work will need to be done in the evening :)

I love the hair on her, want it to look quite messy and windblown. The colour scheme was mostly inspired by her beautiful Earl Grey hue and that lovely floral fabric remnant I picked up in Newmarket last month.

I've also had so many inspiring ideas for more dolls, can't get them onto fabric quickly enough. Toying with the idea of making a type of Tank Girl punk, another Harajuku doll with massively long eyelashes, Emily from Corpse Bride (maybe they'll all have to be in one doll!), and an angel.


candeelady said...

Love her colors. I know what you mean by having a lot of ideas "goin round & round" in my head. I just made some dolls I call "Scrappy Girls"( punky) and hope to open my etsy shop soon. I'm working on a few "Spooky Girls"
Also love the windblown Hair - BEAUTIFUL!

ruby in the dust said...

Thanks very much! Good luck with that Etsy shop; will you sell only your dolls there or other stuff too?

wilna said...

Ja, maak 'n tank girl!!
will be so cool!!