Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here they are...

I've been so keen to tell you more about these, but it will have to wait. Let's just say it's commercially sensitive at this stage... Anyway, here they are (only 4 made the grade this time, and one had THREE extreme hair-makeovers!): Amelia, Alice, Amy and Anna.

Gotta go, still getting ready for drop-off at the Doll Show tomorrow. If you're in town, it's the Auckland Dollmakers and Collectors' Annual Doll Show, at the Freeman's Bay Community Centre in Hepburn St, Sat and Sun. I expect there'll be heaps of porcelein dolls, but mine will be with other cloth, polymer clay and paper mache dolls. Craig made the stands and the dolls look so professional standing on their recycled Kauri platforms (will post a photo this weekend).

Ooh, I sound like such a nerd!! But my life has really just been dollsdollsdolls and sick kids for the last few weeks. Time to get out a bit :)