Monday, September 8, 2008


It was Father's Day yesterday, and we went for a walk in a local arboretum, which ended up being a slightly disappointing, overgrown bit of bush (we really like our arboretums full of nice, big trees :). But I picked up some very pretty leaf skeletons, which in turn reminded me of the most amazing papercuts ever, by a London-based artist called Rob Ryan. You really must look at this image close-up, it's so detailled.

Thanks Jaz for introducing me to Frankie, thanks to you I'm now in love with a magazine. That's where I first saw those beautiful papercuts, and lots of other amazing things and curious little articles. A crafty mag for the cool kids, I suppose.


kimberlee said...

frankie is great, I must actually buy this instead of just leafing through

ruby in the dust said...

yes, I'm a convert!