Monday, September 15, 2008

Latest projects

I've been busy making some new dolls for a project I'll hopefully be able to blog about soon. It's a range of 5 one-off dolls, and they're about halfway finished. I've never made so many at once; it feels a bit overwhelming to make twenty little arms and legs in one go! And 5 pairs of undies (made from vintage table- and bedlinen):
I'm also showing some of my dolls at the Auckland Doll Fair next weekend, so need to design and make some stands for that (with the help of my handiman-man, Craig). It will be interesting to see other dollmakers' work; I've never been to anything like that. I'm entirely self-taught from library books and trial and error :)

I dropped off this donkey at Endemic last week; I'm very happy with how he turned out. He's made out of an old blanket, 100% pure NZ wool. Should be available for sale soon. Go on, I know you want him!


kimberlee said...

oh those look great, takes lots of pictures at the fair!

I love that you recycled the blanket for the donkey, it looks very hugable!

candeelady said...

Recycling fabric is so much fun and cheap! I like to pick up crazy patterns at tag sales and thrift shops to use on my dolls. I'm working on a Hippie doll right now.
So I'm forwarding you an award. It's puuuurrrty and unique. Come collect it and enjoy. You deserve it!

ruby in the dust said...

Thanks guys! Thanks so much for my award, Candeelady, what a nice surprise. You've made my day:)