Saturday, September 27, 2008

Of hens in books

I'm still here, but I'm so inspired by Pip over at Meet me at Mikes' post about Golden Books, I just had to show some of mine. She wrote about JP Miller's illustrations, and 'The Little Red Hen' just happens to be my all-time favourite Golden Book, so here's the cover and a couple of pages from it. It's so colourful and detailed, and I fell in love with the fonts on the cover (yes, it's true...).

I'm a pretty recent convert to Golden Books; didn't grow up with them in South Africa, but I've amassed a pretty good collection in the last year or so. Here's another great one, illustrated by Richard Scarry and written by Patsy Scarry (his wife?). I love his early work. Doesn't Madame Hen look a bit like the Little Red Hen?


justagirl said...

Hey Helen

me again, I remember the golden books, I think my mum still has all of ours... must hunt them out.

I tried putting the award onto my blog and my safari decided to die, so I might have to wait till I get back to work after the holidays. The computers there are way faster and sooped up...

have a good rest of the weekend and catch you soon, thanks again.

ruby in the dust said...

no worries! I remembered that doll maker's name, it's Malcolm Harrison. He seems to be very well respected in the 'stitching community' in NZ. have a great holiday!

Bee said...

I am super jealous of your Richard Scarry golden book! I have just begun collecting his books :-)