Monday, October 6, 2008

Here I come, Trelise Cooper and Kraftbomb!!

Finally, (if you haven't worked it out for yourself yet!) here's the story: my five little dolls are going to the Trelise Cooper Kids store in Newmarket!!! Yay!! I'm so excited; it started out as a crazy idea I had one day, and now I'm actually ready to take them in, and next week, somebody might be buying their own little Ruby in the Dust original one-off doll dressed in a Trelise Cooper outfit. Wow, that's a long sentence, can you see how excited I am?

It started in May, I think, when I sent a little doll to the lady herself, who liked it, and put me onto her buyer for the Kids' shop. This 'range' is pretty much an experiment to see whether they can stock them in future, so I hope they all sell out by next Friday, in which case I'd be too busy making new dolls to ever blog again :) Please send good thoughts my way, or direct any grandmothers or godmothers or real mothers who like TC clothes to the shop...

Here's a photo of that shop, by the way. It's an experience just going there! (I found it on Flickr, taken by makoview)

And now, for further news of a crafty kind, I'm going to Kraftbomb this month. It's on Sunday the 26th (Labour weekend) and I have 2 weeks to make lots of new badges, buttons, and who knows what. Apart from going to see and buy lots of beautiful crafty things, you might also like to just sit and listen to Chris Knox, who will be performing for free. More on that closer to the day.


shoes off said...

Wahoo! Sooo exciting!

Also, will see you at Kraftbomb.

ruby in the dust said...

Cheers Jaz!