Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's almost time for Kraftbomb, yay! Feels like I've been very slack about it, compared to the frenzy I worked myself into for Kraftwerk! (Maybe I've learnt a lesson, because then I ended up being sick for weeks and weeks.) But this time, I have more stock, and didn't spend so much time in front of the sewing machine. Look at these stickers my sticker machine and I have been making, plus my lovely embroidered badges (which, by the way, weren't all embroidered by me!). I'm also waiting for some books I'm getting bound, will post them on the weekend.

My boy, Daniel, is such a good helper in the kitchen, I made him his own little apron from a vintage Yogi Bear sheet. Here he is looking cute and modeling said apron.

If you're in Auckland this coming Labour weekend, don't forget about Kraftbomb!! 11 till 2 on Sunday at Grey Lynn Community Centre, with heaps of cool people selling amazing crafts. Certainly nothing like the church fair (although I have nothing against a good church fair, especially the baking and preserves table!).

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