Friday, October 24, 2008

Mostly paper

Here's my notebooks! I'm very happy with the result; really hope to sell a few on Sunday. I've used vintage Golden Books (all pre-1975) and got them bound into notebooks with blank pages. I included a few original pages between the blanks and made some stickers from the remaining illustrations for every book. Although it's not an original idea, I haven't seen it in NZ yet, so hope not to be treading on anyone's toes.

I've had a very good fossick in the op shops this morning, and found some more Golden Books for my next collection, plus some fabric and a gorgeous kids' book with lino-cut illustrations. But the best buy of the day was new, the wonderful 'Thrift to Fantasy'. Found it on special and had to have it. I'll write a proper post about it sometime in the week, don't have enough time right now to do this book justice.


Anna said...

Hi Heleen- it was good to see you at Kraftbomb- nice to see some familiar faces.. I hope this won't lead you to my hijacked blog (I'm yet to check it out ...) Your little books are gorgeous- would make fab christmas prezzies!

ruby in the dust said...

thanks Anna! Yes, it was nice to be neighbours again, and I'm so glad I managed to get one of your collars this time :)