Monday, October 27, 2008


I had so much fun at Kraftbomb yesterday; it's always great to meet new crafters and see old favourites. I'll have to borrow pics from the Kraftbomb site when they post it; I was too busy to take any myself. The hall was full of the coolest things: cupcakes, button jewellery, little kids' clothing, lots of softies, Barbie clothing (seemed very popular!), cards, collars... Which leads me to my own purchase for the day: this beautiful collar from Violet&May . Anna was my Craftwerk neighbour months ago, and again yesterday. Check out her other work on Toggle. It's the perfect little accessory, don't you think? I also saw the lovely Olivia from Lily'smakebelieve, finally met Lies from Anemone, and had a very nice new neighbour called Morgan, all the way from Hamilton. There's such a great crafting community here in Auckland, I feel very happy to be part of.
Thanks too to all my customers who all have such good taste! I sold quite a few things, and am already making a new bag design which may feature at the next market. See you there:)


kimberlee said...

sorry to have missed the fun! thanks also for all the birthday wishes.... I am excited to see the little pictures that you gave to lies to give to me, we haven't met up yet though.


ruby in the dust said...

it's a real mixed bag, but I'm sure you'll be able to do some nice things with all those illustrations.

Anna said...

Hello- thanks for the kind mention! :) I'm sorry I had'nt been able to respond earlier! Hope all is well (ps. the cake in your other post looks good!)