Wednesday, October 1, 2008

new dolls and buttons

I've completed the fifth little doll, whose name is Alex, by the way. Now all five are ready for their journey into retail stardom... That's all I'll say now for fear of jinxing myself, but as you may have noticed, I'm dying to tell their story. Maybe next week. You can see better photos of them over on my Flickr page.

I've been very busy making an angel for a possible Christmas card project. She's looking great, this is her with everything just pinned on; I still haven't decided on the outfit. I like her ageless look, she's not your typical angel, that's for sure. This one has fashion sense, and jewellery.

I also delivered a belated birthday present to my friend Nic today, a button necklace. It was so much fun to make; like most people I love playing with buttons!

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