Thursday, November 20, 2008


I've been too busy talking about myself; it's time to move the spotlight to some deserving others. First on my list is Thrift to Fantasy , a book I've been meaning to write about for a while now. It's mainly about NZ textile handcrafts in the 30's to 50's, but there's so much more to this book than just pretty pictures of embroidery. Rosemary McCloud is a very experienced journalist and collector of handcrafts from this era, and tells a very personal story of the women in her family and their reasons for crafting. It's a beautiful book, and the only local one I know of that looks at textile craft from a social historical point of view. Read more about it here. I've scanned a couple of pages, one containing tea cosies. Sam, your nanna would love this :)

You might have noticed an emerging fascination with embroidery in my recent posts. It's now almost full-blown, but I haven't done much about it except read. Tomorrow I will do something constructive, when I try to locate a local shop with crewel wool. I find cotton embroidery thread so hard to work with with my limited skill level, and crewel wool seems to be the answer. Just look at the beautifully simple designs in this inspiring book:

Finally: if you like sewing/quilting/knitting/crochet, but feel you need some help, I've found the best site with loads of great, easy-to-follow tutorials using Really Beautiful Fabric. Some projects are very simple, but so effective, like this bunting, or party garland, as they call it. I'm a fan. Of the Purl Bee.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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