Thursday, December 4, 2008

Craftwerk? Please?

Hoping to get into the next Craftwerk (in a week's time), but then I'll have to work more than a bit this weekend! Made a start today and finished four little embroidered pouches with contrasting backs. Really love the little orange flowers; it's so fresh and springy (is that even a word?).I've also developed a new satchel pattern, and might make a few of them. This one's made out of a woollen blanket and lined with a sheet, a bit like a bed in a bag, you know. I might use this green tape as a strap; will have to see tomorrow.

Just a quick link before I forget: I've just stumbled upon another great craft site called Craftzine. It's full of great ideas and things to make; a site you can waste a whole evening on, if you're anything like me... Projects seem quite easy, except for the knitted horse head (!). This looks like a bit of me:

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charlotte said...

oh gosh I remember the mad panic before craftwerk!!!!!

will have to look forward to again soon eh :)