Monday, December 22, 2008


Look at all the goodies I got at Kraftbomb yesterday; I did a bit of Christmas shopping for myself. First up is the gorgeous t-shirt I've been lusting after since Craftwerk, it's screen-printed by Ellie Smith. I got myself one of Olivia's little owls in a trade, but it seems my youngest thinks it was a present for him! The covered matchbox is by Ran with Scissors, perfect for our temperamental gas stove, and the oilcloth-covered diary is by uhmmm, really can't remember... Have a look at this page if you want to see lots of photos of the market, it's by Sugar Lemon Sweetheart, who makes very cool kitschy stuff. If you look through them, you'll see a dorky pic of myself, with my lovely neighbour Anna the Collar-Maker.

I did really well yesterday; it seems my journals are becoming more popular, and I'm almost out of badges. Thanks so much if you bought something off me, you're a star! I also sold some stock to a very cute little shop in Swanson, right opposite the Swanson railway station. Check it out if you're going to Bethel's this summer, it's called 'Let's go retro'. It's full of kiwiana, collectables, buttons, and my books.

Now I can finally start thinking about my family's Christmas. I baked (no, slightly burnt) a fruit cake today, tomorrow it's tipsy tart (baked pud with brandy and vanilla sauce), and then it's Christmas Eve. And now it's bed. Goodnight to you.


Niella said...

Gorgeous!!! So nice to meet you yesterday:) Was lots + lots of fun at KB....All my purchases are gifts heehee, so I can't wait to do a posting on them! I adore your things....A D O R E:):)

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Hope the owl is keeping you company whilst crafting, they're good at that! Loving my purses. Absolutely loving.