Monday, December 1, 2008

More about Kraftbomb

I think that last post ended a bit abruptly; forgot to finish it off after adding the pics! Just wanted to say that I was told about a coming craft/art exhibition that sounds really cool. It's on Saturday the 13th, at the Royal Horticultural Society Hall (opposite the Auckland Zoo and MOTAT). I can't find these guys online at all; have looked in the past, but it's organised by Edward & Sons. Very mysterious people. I think we'll be there, I love crafty art. And arty craft.

Speaking of that, I love these tiles by Anmea Hoskin (littleladies). She was at Kraftbomb yesterday, and her stall was gorgeous. She prints her 50's style paintings on tiles, and giftwraps it very nicely in vintage wallpaper. Look at her work here.


Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Yeah, those tiles were awesome! I had to sneakily get two for my flatmate's girlfriend while he distracted her and am now a tad gutted that i didn't get any for lil ol me!

ruby in the dust said...

yes, they're so sweet!