Saturday, December 20, 2008

Night owl

Craig was at a work party last night, so I stayed up until 12.30, happily making stuff. I love working at night when the house is quiet, but I don't normally do it, so last night I had a good chance to go all out. I made some stocking fillers - a few hairclips and a pompom necklace. I got the idea for the hairclips from this tutorial in Craftzine, and made the necklace from pom poms my sister sent me earlier in the year.


Sugar Lemon Sweetheart said...

I must remember to bring along that golden book cover I want binded (is that the right term?) next kraftbomb!! How did you go? I love your pouches, the fabric is adorable!

ruby in the dust said...

Thanks SLS! yes, that would be cool. I'm not sure whether i'll be there next time though; I'll let you know closer to the day.