Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trelise likes Matilda!

After being overseas until quite recently, Trelise Cooper just sent me a thank you for Matilda. Apparently she (M) sits on her (T's) desk and she (T) loves her (M)!! There may be more news after Fashion Week, but that's all for now folks...

If this is too cryptic for you, please have a look at Matilda's story in my July posts (Matilda and New Matilda).

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A very colourful parcel

Here I am again, you'd think I have no life! But I've got to blog this amazingly colourful parcel I got the other day from my mum and two sisters. My mum knitted the doll, Danelle the glass artiste selected all the trims and pom poms, and Wilna the beader extraordinaire made those gorgeous little beaded t-shirts for my boys. Will keep you updated on when she starts her Kwena shop on Etsy! Just look at all the brightness! Just in time for an early spring...
While I'm doing a show-and-tell, just feast your eyes on my stash of mostly recycled and salvaged trims and buttons. And this is just a small selection; I'm such a magpie!

Monday, August 25, 2008


After a weekend of the flu and no computer, I can finally show you the completed Muriel. She's very dressed up, maybe even overdressed, but everything just seemed to work together. I did draw the line at putting on the "Muriel" brooch as well, so some restraint was shown...

The outfit nearly didn't make it; got a bit annoyed with the fabric and the way it was sewing, but eventually solved the main problem of messy armholes by doing buttonhole stitch around them. The dress was also too wide, so I had to redo seams; the belt wasn't sewn on straight so I unpicked that and resewed it. Needless to say, that little dress took much longer than expected. Does this say something about me? I think I can be a bit particular, some might say anal, about how I finish things:) But of course it shows in the end, and that's why I do it so carefully. Here's a pic of the dress when everything just looked wrong:

Now I can finally play around with Photoshop; did a day-long course the other day, and I've been so full of ideas about what I can do with these little ladies.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A work in progress

I've finally had some time to put Muriel's look together, and now I can't wait to make her outfit. This is just a little sneak peek at everything arranged around her, nothing's really been sewn yet. My three-year old is at home all week with chickenpocks, so has been very helpful with stuffing her little legs today, and also accidentally tipping out a heap of beads on our wooden floor. As you can imagine most work will need to be done in the evening :)

I love the hair on her, want it to look quite messy and windblown. The colour scheme was mostly inspired by her beautiful Earl Grey hue and that lovely floral fabric remnant I picked up in Newmarket last month.

I've also had so many inspiring ideas for more dolls, can't get them onto fabric quickly enough. Toying with the idea of making a type of Tank Girl punk, another Harajuku doll with massively long eyelashes, Emily from Corpse Bride (maybe they'll all have to be in one doll!), and an angel.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Last night

Wow, it was so much fun at Craftwerk! Very busy and vibey, just a shame I was downstairs in the very cold basement. Met heaps of really nice people, and sold quite a few badges and buttons, a couple of dogs, and had some keen interest in my bags (but unfortunately no sales:(. Anyway, think I need to start that Etsy shop now, I'm all inspired and have a bit of stock left.

I'm off to claim my birthday present from my gorgeous husband now; three months later I've finally found the time for a much needed hour-long massage. Aah, bliss...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Badges, buttons, bags and bunnies

Have I been busy crafting! It's so satisfying seeing all my work spread out on my bed, the ironing board, you name it, ready for Craftwerk tomorrow night:) It's not really that much: a small but perfectly formed collection I like to think. There'll be badges and buttons (my favourites), bags, dogs and bunnies. See them here, or come see for yourself at St Kevin's Arcade, K' Rd, tomorrow night between 6 and 9. Yay!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yay, I'm going to craftwerk!

Just heard I've got half a stall for next Thursday's Craftwerk! I've been crafting like crazy; I just hope I'll have enough by next week... Making some more bags, dogs, embroidered badges (or pin-back buttons as they're also called) and maybe some very simple kids' dolls. I'll blog some photos after the weekend, but now I've gotta go and make some more crafty stuff.