Thursday, October 30, 2008

Buttons and a bag

I made this shoulder bag from a beautiful old tablecloth, and delivered it to its new owner today. Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow, Emily! Also had some time today to make a necklace for a Christmas present. It may seem a bit early, but this year Christmas will not secretly sneak up on me as it usually does!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I had so much fun at Kraftbomb yesterday; it's always great to meet new crafters and see old favourites. I'll have to borrow pics from the Kraftbomb site when they post it; I was too busy to take any myself. The hall was full of the coolest things: cupcakes, button jewellery, little kids' clothing, lots of softies, Barbie clothing (seemed very popular!), cards, collars... Which leads me to my own purchase for the day: this beautiful collar from Violet&May . Anna was my Craftwerk neighbour months ago, and again yesterday. Check out her other work on Toggle. It's the perfect little accessory, don't you think? I also saw the lovely Olivia from Lily'smakebelieve, finally met Lies from Anemone, and had a very nice new neighbour called Morgan, all the way from Hamilton. There's such a great crafting community here in Auckland, I feel very happy to be part of.
Thanks too to all my customers who all have such good taste! I sold quite a few things, and am already making a new bag design which may feature at the next market. See you there:)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mostly paper

Here's my notebooks! I'm very happy with the result; really hope to sell a few on Sunday. I've used vintage Golden Books (all pre-1975) and got them bound into notebooks with blank pages. I included a few original pages between the blanks and made some stickers from the remaining illustrations for every book. Although it's not an original idea, I haven't seen it in NZ yet, so hope not to be treading on anyone's toes.

I've had a very good fossick in the op shops this morning, and found some more Golden Books for my next collection, plus some fabric and a gorgeous kids' book with lino-cut illustrations. But the best buy of the day was new, the wonderful 'Thrift to Fantasy'. Found it on special and had to have it. I'll write a proper post about it sometime in the week, don't have enough time right now to do this book justice.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's almost time for Kraftbomb, yay! Feels like I've been very slack about it, compared to the frenzy I worked myself into for Kraftwerk! (Maybe I've learnt a lesson, because then I ended up being sick for weeks and weeks.) But this time, I have more stock, and didn't spend so much time in front of the sewing machine. Look at these stickers my sticker machine and I have been making, plus my lovely embroidered badges (which, by the way, weren't all embroidered by me!). I'm also waiting for some books I'm getting bound, will post them on the weekend.

My boy, Daniel, is such a good helper in the kitchen, I made him his own little apron from a vintage Yogi Bear sheet. Here he is looking cute and modeling said apron.

If you're in Auckland this coming Labour weekend, don't forget about Kraftbomb!! 11 till 2 on Sunday at Grey Lynn Community Centre, with heaps of cool people selling amazing crafts. Certainly nothing like the church fair (although I have nothing against a good church fair, especially the baking and preserves table!).

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This current reading material

I've joined a meme called This Is, which involves posting something on a given topic, every Sunday. Now I'm sure I'll have trouble being that organised, but it's nice to have a subject to write about, a bit like Creative Writing at school. (Which I'm feeling a bit sentimental about, as it's my High School reunion this weekend, and I'm on the other side of the world...)

Anyway, I've been so busy these past few months; I haven't read a good book since who knows when. So my reading matter is very practical: today I read the pikelet recipe from Edmonds for the 1000th time (I should know it off by heart by now), and this past week I've been reading a 1970's pinafore pattern for my niece Carly's 2nd birthday. It's a bit different using an old pattern: they had massive seam allowances, and finished seams off with bias binding. You can see the finished product here; I'm quite pleased with it, can't wait to see it on Carly tomorrow.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Badges for Kraftbomb

Looky here: nice new badges to brighten up your weekend!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Here I come, Trelise Cooper and Kraftbomb!!

Finally, (if you haven't worked it out for yourself yet!) here's the story: my five little dolls are going to the Trelise Cooper Kids store in Newmarket!!! Yay!! I'm so excited; it started out as a crazy idea I had one day, and now I'm actually ready to take them in, and next week, somebody might be buying their own little Ruby in the Dust original one-off doll dressed in a Trelise Cooper outfit. Wow, that's a long sentence, can you see how excited I am?

It started in May, I think, when I sent a little doll to the lady herself, who liked it, and put me onto her buyer for the Kids' shop. This 'range' is pretty much an experiment to see whether they can stock them in future, so I hope they all sell out by next Friday, in which case I'd be too busy making new dolls to ever blog again :) Please send good thoughts my way, or direct any grandmothers or godmothers or real mothers who like TC clothes to the shop...

Here's a photo of that shop, by the way. It's an experience just going there! (I found it on Flickr, taken by makoview)

And now, for further news of a crafty kind, I'm going to Kraftbomb this month. It's on Sunday the 26th (Labour weekend) and I have 2 weeks to make lots of new badges, buttons, and who knows what. Apart from going to see and buy lots of beautiful crafty things, you might also like to just sit and listen to Chris Knox, who will be performing for free. More on that closer to the day.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The angel without wings

I can't believe how quickly this doll took to make; I started her on Monday, and finished her on Friday (and that means I worked Mon, Tue and a couple of hours today). I'm so happy with her, she has just the right look for an angel, I think. Just not sure whether she needs wings... Any comments would be appreciated :) I want to take some nice photos for Christmas cards, and I've been playing around with props today, but we'll see whether I can do the job myself. Watch this space...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

new dolls and buttons

I've completed the fifth little doll, whose name is Alex, by the way. Now all five are ready for their journey into retail stardom... That's all I'll say now for fear of jinxing myself, but as you may have noticed, I'm dying to tell their story. Maybe next week. You can see better photos of them over on my Flickr page.

I've been very busy making an angel for a possible Christmas card project. She's looking great, this is her with everything just pinned on; I still haven't decided on the outfit. I like her ageless look, she's not your typical angel, that's for sure. This one has fashion sense, and jewellery.

I also delivered a belated birthday present to my friend Nic today, a button necklace. It was so much fun to make; like most people I love playing with buttons!