Friday, February 13, 2009

Travels to the Far East

I had a bit of an adventure today: I went to Howick... If you're not from Auckland, let me explain. It's not that far from the city centre, but it feels like a different country. Very historic with old money, the type of place where you find drawers full of leather gloves; rolled up rugs and whole dinner sets, complete with soup tureens, in the op shops (really!). I felt like saying "Golly" a lot, especially when I got horribly lost in the suburbs. I went all that way to pick up my new camera, a very clever and complicated piece of equipment that may take me months to get to know properly. (If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm overly ambitious when it comes to trying out new creative ventures...)

I also closed a little chapter today, that of the Trelise Dolls. I went to collect them from the shop this morning (all five), and the shop assistants were so lovely; they told me how much they liked having them in the shop and that they were really sad to see them go. I felt a bit sad too: all that work and no sales, but it's hard times, and expensive dolls are probably not a priority for most. Still, I feel quite proud to have been given the chance by the lady herself to sell them there. You'll probably find them on Etsy soon, sans retail mark-up :)
Now more about that beautiful cushion at the top: it's by a South African lady called Denise who reuses found objects in very creative ways. She has a great blog, and be sure to have a look at her shop. Have a great weekend!


Freshly Found said...

Hi Ruby! Thanks for the mention! Much appreciated!
We have a Howick close to us here in South Africa. It is a much smaller town that your Howick though, but it is a beautiful place with a magnificent waterfall called the Howick Falls!
All the best

ruby in the dust said...

Is that in the drakensberg? I think we went there when I was in primary school. That part of SA is so beautiful.