Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trying to tread softly

I was so inspired this morning by Kimberlee's latest post about a friend's sustainable house. It had me thinking 'wish we could do that', but then I realised that we are doing our little bit here in Birkdale. Like most Kiwis with vege gardens, we compost, recycle, save water and re-use what we can, and our garden is testament to Craig's commitment to these principles. Thank goodness for a practical guy with green fingers!
Here's the paving he did recently, using salvaged pavers from the renovation at his work. That's a South African braai (barbeque) in the background, also his handiwork.
Here's the world's coolest play hut, built over an existing wooden gazebo using Kauri wallboards from the same renovation. The boys love their little gingerbread house.

Craig's brother Grant had the great idea to reuse an old shower cubicle as a mini-glasshouse, currently used to break down garden waste and occasionaly as cat shelter on cooler days.

I'm crossing my fingers that the birds will fall for these shiny CD Rom scarecrows on the laden fig tree!

These drums made from old wire netting should keep the white butterflies off our new broccoli plants.

That's just the outside of the house; wait til you see the recycling plant inside that deals with all the second-hand books, fabric, embroidery, household linen, buttons, you name it! But that's a story for another day...


Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Now that is really something Helene! They should do a feature of you in the next World Sweet World!
Good on you've inspired me to find more 'creative' ways to live sustainably.


Niella said...

I totally agree w/ Debs! Yep, a feature would be most delightful!

That play hut R O C K S!!

Bee said...

Yeah, what they said. Good on you! I so wish I had my own vege garden. And the playhouse is rad!

ruby in the dust said...

glad you find it inspiring :) We're lucky to have the space for a garden, but you can do great things with pots! The playhut is so cool inside too, it's got a split level; great for climbing.

kimberlee said...

this is really impressive! I love the glass shower door things. got to show this to my husband!