Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm back...

We've just come back from a most relaxing break, attending two weddings and spending nine nights in four different baches (beach houses) in Northland. The picture up here is of Horseshoe Bay, where our friends Jaz and Zade just got married, and which I'm sure you'll agree is one of the most beautiful places anywhere, ever.
And to top it all off, when we got home, the figs were literally dripping off the tree, so ripe they were almost caramelised. Not a single bird peck, which must mean the CD trick actually works!
And now onto other business: the mirrors... Thanks so much for your comments guys, it's great to hear you like them. Congratulations to Rosina Lee; she's a lady who loves her handbags, so the mirror should come in handy! I'll have them for sale on Toggle and etsy soon; will post their arrival sometime in the week.
Ok, gotta go, Flight of the Conchords is on!!!

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