Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a crewel world

A few months ago I raved about a book I found in the library, called The New Crewel. Well, I actually went and did some crewelling. True to form though, I decided to bypass all the small projects and went straight for the 'let's make two big cushions for a wedding gift' as a first project.

Some things I now know about crewelling:
  1. It takes longer than you think.

  2. You'll never look at a needle threader in the same way again. Should be made of gold, those things.

  3. It's much more enjoyable than you think.

So Zade and Jaz ended up with just the one cushion with a beautiful flax flower design, copied from their stunning wedding invitations.

If you're at all interested in crewelling, or want to know how to transfer a complicated design onto a thick fabric (if you can't rely on a light box), see my PDF tutorial on the topic. (Hope the link works; PDFs are kind of new to me!)

Crewel Cushion Crewel Cushion rubyinthedust how to transfer a complicated design onto a non-transparent fabric; how to embroider a cushion cover using crewel embroidery


Look Left Karen said...

How very flash! and welcome to toggle too by the way - hope your adventures aboard are prosperous!

ruby in the dust said...

Thanks very much Karen! It's only taken me 6 months to get organised :)

Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Oh how delightful...You were telling me about that book when we were last at K-bomb...awesome, it looks gorgeous!
I especially love the tutorial...well done honey! X

kimberlee said...

that looks amazing and like it would take forever!

good on you, a labour of love!

Zade Sanjay Ringer + Jasmine Hunter said...

It makes our couch look flash honey!
Now one of our most treasured possessions and will be getting framed instead of spoiled over the years xx