Sunday, April 26, 2009

A good day at the market

Kraftbomb was great today; heaps of people, a great vibe and good sales. Apart from the obvious (selling), I love going there for the sense of community between both the crafters and the buyers. It feels right to be selling directly to your customers: it's cheaper, friendlier and you get good feedback.

I arrived a bit early, so managed to get a photo of my table this time. I have so much stock at the moment (lots of crafting and poor sales for two months!), the table was pretty full. Here's a closer look, you can see the very practical little display box (holding the peg dolls) that Craig built me. Flash, hey. Those little girls' bags in the front were very popular today; I'll be making some more this week for the next market.

That's the Devonport Craft Market, on this coming Sunday. It's a new market, and looks very promising. Have a look at the names here, you'll recognise some from Kraftbomb.
Ok, now I'm going to try and learn to crochet. Wish me luck!


Bee said...

I loved your table set up, wish I had a chance to have a proper look!

Niella said...

oh looks so pretty! swooning over those bags...F A B:-)

ruby in the dust said...

thanks guys! Missed you Niella :)