Sunday, April 12, 2009

My workspace

Hope you're having a nice long weekend. We've been busy with the last of our recent rearranging. A couple of weeks ago, we moved the boys into our old room, we got Daniel's room and Joshua's became my workroom. Yes! No more working on our bed/cutting into the duvet cover/finding pins in the sheets! On Saturday Craig built me some good shelves in my workroom, and now it's as tidy and organised as it will ever be. It's great having space for everything; the shelves and drawers and baskets are all full of bits that belong together. The best part of this room is having my own table to work on. I'm sure I'm not the only crafter whose had to share the kitchen table with the rest of the family :)
It's funny, I've only just realised I have a thing for baskets. Looking around the room I see seven old woven baskets and suitcases. That's got to be a collection. I even have a wicker reading chair that I sometimes use to just sit in and appreciate my lovely space that is all my own.


kimberlee said...

it looks great!

and all those fabulous dolls lined up on display make me smile!

ruby in the dust said...

thanks kimberlee :)