Sunday, April 19, 2009

Of kings and wild things

It's birthday month: the boys, the coffee group friends, me, my mum-in-law, even my blog; everybody seems to have a birthday in the next month. Daniel turns 4 and Joshua 2, and I've decided to make them a wolf tail and a crown each, just like their favourite little character Max wears. In the book, and soon to be released movie 'Where the wild things are' of course! Do yourself a favour and watch the trailer; it looks like it will be a fantastic movie. Daniel and I have probably seen it 10 times already.

While I was on a roll with the crowns, I made a little friend her own birthday crown and bag to put it into. Expect to see more bags and maybe even crowns at this coming Sunday's Kraftbomb, and then at the first Devonport Craft Market on May 3rd. I'm very excited to see what the new market will be like; there's apparently been a lot of interest in it. A few of my Kraftbomb friends will be there, like Ran with Scissors and Paperfish, but there's also a lot of new names and talent. Remember to put it in your diary...


Niella said...

wow what cool craft happenings you have been busy making!

Can't wait for the movie..the book is such a fave:-)

ruby in the dust said...

thanks Niella! see you this weekend?