Monday, May 11, 2009

60 years old, never been used

Mother's Day was nice yesterday; hope you had a good one (or your Mum). We went to Birkenhead for brunch, and bumped into Craig's lovely great-aunt Marjorie. She's almost 93, and has a lovely collection of old, unused embroidery cloths. They're the type that are printed with the design, and you just work over it. I got a couple, and am very excited about starting (and one day finishing) one. Pictured here with my new cloths is my needle book by Mermaid's Purse. I bought it at the Devonport Market, and was also very tempted by her yummy-looking pincushions. They look so good!


Anna said...

wow! what a find! happy stitching :)

Rebecca said...

i love family hand me downs. & Mermaid's Purse is a friend of mine. her work is fabulous isn't it?