Monday, June 29, 2009

Frankie giveway

Thanks to the lovely Lara at Frankie, I now have a fresh copy of my favourite magazine. As you can see, I'm doing a giveway, so be sure to enter! Just a little note; the 'trashy treasures' are very cute little badges and pocket mirrors. If you miss out, you can get them on Toggle (search 'Ruby in the Dust'), and I'll try to update my etsy shop soon.

Once again I've been a bit behind the 8-ball; just saw that Toggle featured me as their artist of the month for June. Read it here.
I'm going to make some dinosaur tails this week; will post some photos if my model Joshua will pose long enough. OK, enough about me, have a great week :)


Bam Bam Creative said...

congratulations!! They look great!! Frankie is the like the holy grail for me, one day I may be so lucky...
Hope sunday's Kraftbomb was good for you! See you at Devo Sunday xx

ruby in the dust said...

thanks Jessica! enjoy Devonport this weekend :)

Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Scream!! Well done you...I agree that Frankie is the holy grail...I'm so proud of you Heleen!!!

Miss your pretty smile and our awesome chats..

Keep up the good work Missy!

Jesse said...

Congrats! Nice interview, too :)

Toggle seems like a great site; we really do need a South African version.

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

Frankie! Hooray congratulations! my favourite! Something Ive sorely missed overseas.