Saturday, July 25, 2009

Feels like spring

Today was such a nice day, it almost felt like spring. Looked like it too:

The first cherry blossoms are out; soon we'll have the wax-eye family in our two trees.

The magnolia and jonquils were looking good too. Look at the clear sky!

Tomorrow is Kraftbomb, where I'll have a few new things. I posted about the little pouches the other day, and I made a few more packs of embroidered buttons tonight. Something else we'll be unveiling is the Lucky Penny Crafty Club. Anna and I have been talking about how nice it would be to have a place to get together with like-minded crafty people, so decided to do something about it. Check out the blog for more information. The logo, by the way, is the result of my experimentation with the craft knife and then Illustrator. That tool on the coin is anything you want it to be; a knitting needle, a pin, a walking stick... No, maybe not a walking stick.


Niella said...

Yes- it has been such a beautiful few days of sun and brightness! So delightful:-)

Annnnd what a great idea! Lucky Penny Crafty Club is such a grand idea:) Love the logo!


Ruby in the Dust said...

thanks Niella! hope to see you there :)