Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday's work

I had a very productive Monday; made 6 little zip pouches, four of which you can see below. The fronts are embroidered and the backs feature beautiful contrasting upholstery fabric. They're for Kraftbomb at the end of the month.
Last night Sarah from the Devonport Craft Market organised a crafty get-together and my partner in craft Anna and I went along to do some research for a similar group we're planning. Will let you know more about that later... Sarah had a great idea about having a themed swap at every get-together and next month's is 'green'. It's on Sunday night, 9 Aug. at 7.30 in the Devonport Community Centre.

It was great to meet some other crafty ladies, especially the knitting guerilla Knitty Grafitti. She's a lovely person who does a lot of clandestine crafting around Devonport, like dressing a sculpture, leaving little knitted messages around the place and keeping the rails around town warm with cuffs. Check out her blog; you'll be amazed at what she does just for the fun of it.


Sock Monkey Headquarters said...


I'm missing out...Boo hoo! Glad the idea of getting crafty ladies finally came to be though...we need to stick together! Tee hee hee

ruby in the dust said...

Yes deb, you'll just have to pop over once a month!!

trishiekoh said...

Very cute..i love the fabric you used!

kimberlee said...

good on you for thinking of starting up a craft group! I really hope its up and running for when I get back:)

Knitty Graffity said...

Thanks, I really enjoyed meeting you too. You have some lovey things here on your site!
Keep your eyes open, new things will soon show up here in Devo...;-)