Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bags for the boys (or child satchel tutorial)

Daniel reminded me today that I promised to make him a little bag to carry his favourite softie in, so I made him and Joshua their own little satchels. It was so quick and easy, here's how if you want to try making one for your little ones. Hope you can follow without photos. If you want to do an applique on the bag, have a look at my tutorial here, or just make it up as you go :)

Draw your pattern on a piece of paper (about 20cm square, you can shape it a bit so it's wider at the top). Cut out 2 pieces for the outside and 2 in a contrasting fabric for the lining. Pin the outside pieces together (right sides together) and sew around the bag, leaving the top unstitched (let's call this piece A). Do the same for the lining (B). Turn A right side out and press. Leave B inside out.

Measure your child for the length of strap (I used 80cm) and cut this from strapping or make a fabric strap. Pin the strap to A, with raw ends at the top, close to the seams. Be careful not to twist the strap :)
Now pin B to A (as they are, right sides together). Make sure you match up the side seams. Now stitch them together at the top, leaving a small gap for turning (about 8cm). Pull the bag through the gap, press the top edge and pin together the gap. Top stitch close to the edge so that you can close the gap and make it look nice at the same time.
If this is a bit cryptic for you, follow the Scribd link below to my new and improved tutorial, which will also show you how to make a little girl's handbag. It's got lots of photos and should make it easier if you're new to sewing.
Child's Handbag and Satchel Tutorial
Onto other news: the Devonport Craft Market blog has featured me in their first 'Meet the Seller' post, so if you haven't met me yet, now's your chance! I'd of course also love to meet you in person and sell you all my stuff at the real market :)


Bee said...

Oh isn't he a little cutie! Love the bag too. You're such a crafty mum!

Ruby in the Dust said...

Thanks bee :)

kimberlee said...

how cute! your boy and the bag! perfect for carrying around softies of you ask me:)

MsToothFairy said...

Hi- love these bags.
What do you use for the straps is it wide woven ribbon or something more heavy duty that can be bought by the metre? Sewing novice here.
thank you!

Ruby in the Dust said...

Hi Ms Tooth Fairy :) The strapping I use is also called webbing; it's available in either cotton or acrylic. It's the type of stuff that's often used for belts and backpacks. You can also make a strap from an old belt or sew your own with fabric. Here's a good tutorial: