Monday, September 14, 2009

Spring clean

I had a massive tidy-up this weekend, and now I can safely show you what my workspace looks like (for the next two days until it gets out of hand again!).
This is where it all happens. My trusty old Elna has served me well, 15 years old and still going strong.

I put the dolls on the wall, now I can see them properly and use their old shelf for all my boxes of bits.
I made this notice board from an old frame and a piece of ply I got for free from the local timber yard. Covered with a vintage sheet and some ribbon.
This is where I hide my own embroidery, unfinished projects, and those old library filing drawers are used for my tools and ribbons.
I'm happy in here. But there's always room for improvement, or at least inspiration. Just look at this, lots of light and space and gorgeous colour (Jenny from Allsorts). And this one too (Posy gets Cosy). Isn't it strange how they're both the same colours? Hope you get lost done this week!


Anna said...

I will get lost done this week!! haha...! You put my workspace to shame.. :P

ps. got pillowslips finished! yay!

Ruby in the Dust said...

hahaha, just noticed that :) well done with the pillowslips, I expect photos when it's safe to show everybody!

Bee said...

I love seeing peoples workspaces. Like yours! Working on mine. Will post pics (one day). Hehe.