Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday already

And I still want to tell you about my weekend! Where has this week gone already? The last few days have been defined by purchases and sales (thank goodness for the latter...). I feel like such a consumer; here's a list of my latest buys:

  • lots of embroidered cloths and old books
  • sequins, embroidery thread and felt for the bird kits
  • a guillotine
  • a small wire binding machine

We went to Hamilton on Saturday. The city is currently famous for being the most boring place in NZ. I really don't think so; I'm always happy to tag along when Craig needs to go on some tree-related mission. This weekend he judged the regional tree climbing competition, so I got a great deal of op shopping done, plus a visit to my favourite emporium, David's. I even had a quick look at an arty pile of rubbish.

And here we are on Wednesday. I'm getting ready for Kraftbomb this Sunday, and the school holidays next week. And right now, getting to know my little binder on a more personal level.


Sock Monkey Headquarters said...

Tree climbing competition and Hamiltron's David's Emporium eh...Ah...New Zealand, how I miss thee...

Yay for awesome finds, the small towns are the best! Palmerston North had some really awesome fabrics when I was last there...:)

Hugs! Have a great time at KB and I hope you sell heaps of stuff! :)

Ruby in the Dust said...

thanks Deb! yes, we miss you too, especially at the Lucky Penny club :)

Zade Sanjay Ringer + Jasmine Hunter said...

Hamiltron has always got an undeserved bad rap. I've always liked it, plus they have a great zoo.

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