Saturday, October 31, 2009

Out East

I travelled to East Auckland yesterday, and spent most of the day in various op shops getting some more embroidery and books. My trip was carefully planned, with the help of this map put together by my friend Deb. My first stop was in Howick, at the Uxbridge Arts Centre where I went to see my felt birds in the shop. It's a lovely little store attached to the Arts Centre and cafe where they stock some quality jewellery, crafts and art. It looks like a very active centre, with exhibitions and classes in printmaking, felting, jewellery design and many other artforms. I took some photos, but they didn't come out great, but here are my bird kits:
And some very well-designed and -made softies called Callumari Monstas.
After Uxbridge, I hit the op shops, and it turned out to be quite worth-while. Except for Otahuhu. Can't think of much to say about Otahuhu.
Now I have to get ready for tomorrow's Devonport Craft Market; see you there!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit Heleen, it was lovely to meet you. Melissa