Monday, November 9, 2009

Lined cane-handled bag Tutorial

Quite some time ago I made myself a new bag and it was so easy to make (yet confusing to figure out how to), that I thought I'd share the process. So I've finally had enough time (plus a good reason) to make one, and you can follow along and make your own. Here's the new one, a nappy bag for my friend Shannon, who is too busy getting ready for her new baby this week to read blogs, I hope :)

You can follow the tutorial here, of if you can't be bothered adding the lining, just follow these easy steps on Little Birdie Secrets.

Cane Handle Bag Tut


Zade Sanjay Ringer + Jasmine Hunter said...

Yay! She'll be able to use it now the little boy was born this morning : ) What a fab birth date too. 11/11

Ruby in the Dust said...

wow yes, didn't think of that!