Friday, December 4, 2009

Keep your cards

I was so excited to get my latest copy of World Sweet World today. At the start of the year I played around with some old Christmas cards, making some gift tags and bunting. I sent the idea in to Hannah and almost forgot about it until about a month ago, when she said they were going to use it. And now it's on the 'Quick and Easy' page, yes! So keep your beautiful cards and try out my quick and easy ideas :) You can read it here, just zoom in at the bottom of the Scribd page:


Louise said...

I bought myself a large craft punch after seeing your idea in my copy of the mag and have been merrily making gift tags from old cards that I've collected. So much fun!

Ruby in the Dust said...

aha, another craft punch convert!! I'm so glad you like the idea :)

thea said...

oooh, have you read spoonful?