Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taking photos

I had a few spare minutes today to take some photos for my shop update on Felt. I thought I might share my version of a light box that I use as a background for photographing smaller items.

The idea with a light box is to have a seamless background that makes the most of the available light by bouncing it off the sides of the box. I use a presentation folder you can get from all the large stationary shops; it folds nice and flat when not in use. I prefer to use a light coloured background to white; I think it shows off my work better. I use a large A2 sheet of card which I just pin to the presentation folder and there you go, I've got myself a nice background no matter how messy my work table is! Etsy has some very useful basic photography tips in their Storque articles, have a look at this one for ideas on how to best photograph jewellery.


Songbird Designs said...

Thanks for the great tip. I currently wait for a slightly overcast day - put out my sheet of matt white paper and click away but this system would give me load more options! THANKS

Ruby in the Dust said...

great sarah! I find it very useful for taking photos indoors, even on a slightly overcast day.

littleminx said...

Thanks for the photo tutorial, what a great idea. I always have such problems finding a light and plain area in the house, Joanna