Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Now I can show you what I've been working on... a new felt kit, of course. This one makes 6 hearts and uses the same colours as the birds, so you can build up a collection of beautiful decorations for your tree, rear view mirror or wherever you like to hang something pretty. I'll sell them at Craft 2.0 this weekend, but if you can't make it, have a look on Felt, Etsy or Toggle (just search for 'Ruby in the Dust' on Toggle). If you don't know anything about these kits, let me tell you the decorations are very easy to make; everything is in there to make 6 decorations, including illustrated instructions and even an embroidery needle. And everything in there has been designed, chosen and put together by myself right here in my work room, without the help of small foreign children. That's got to be good.
I think this will be my last post before next week, when I'll tell you everything about my 2.0 experience. Over and out then...


Bam Bam Creative said...

ooh, lovely!

danellehugo said...

dis pragtig, en so slim! ek hoop jy verkoop alles by craft 2.0! geniet dit, en stuur groete vir lesley! xxx

Gabrielle Kendall said...

Hello Heleen,

So nice to meet you on the aeroplane today, - your stuff is lovely. Vibrant :)

Hope to catch up with you again this summer.

Have fun at Craft 2.0!