Thursday, April 8, 2010


I was so happy to receive the latest issue of Extra-Curricular on Tuesday. As with the first one, it's full of great articles about very talented people, and Ellie has done another great job with the design. It looks good enough to eat, or put in a vase at least... I've got a little ad in this one, and also have a brooch featured on the 'Objects of our Desire' page. Thanks Miss Smith!

Onto some knitting news; I finished the neck warmer over Easter. It's really warm; those are super-insulating cables. But it's not for myself; the intended recipient normally suffers from Cold Neck in winter.

I have also been working on a little project on the side which I should probably mention (it's not all knitting here, you know). I have nothing to show yet, but tomorrow I take posession of 6 new silk screens. I have made myself a small printing table, got my inks sorted out, possibly found the fabric, now what else do I need? I know, the designs... Working on those, slowly but surely. Just don't hold your breath, ok.

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