Sunday, May 2, 2010


I'm back, and I'm exhausted. It's been such a busy couple of weeks, and here are the products of my hard work: a blanket, a cake and a hat. Of course this only symbolises what has been happening in our house: a 5th birthday, followed by two birthday parties with cakes, and tomorrow a 3rd birthday and the first day of school.

So without further ado, the blanket:
I spent quite a few nights working under cover of darkness to finish this, and I'm pleased to report Daniel really loves it. It's made with a NZ wool op shop blanket and I used only fabrics that I had in my stash (all wool as well). In fact, I didn't buy anything to make this, the cotton was also in my stash. Here's Venus:
And my favourite, Saturn:Jupiter:And Earth with our moon:I just have to show off the pirate birthday cake too. Let's just be clear that I am really bad at icing cakes, so I normally rely heavily on props. This year I've added jelly to my repertoire. The rocks are Big Bugs 'n Mud (cereal, not insects), the sand made of shortbread crumbs. And it was really delicious. Finally, Joshua's hat. What a nightmare. Love the wool, the design, the fact that it knits up in one evening, but the pattern really had me cursing. It's the Fair-Isle helmet by Sirdar, using their wool too. I tried the smallest size (4-6), which looked like a pixie hat. This is the adult size, and it just fits Joshua, age 3. I've got the right gauge, the right yarn, bigger needles than they recommend; what have I done wrong?! Oh well, the boy likes it, which is more important than his mother's annoyance, right?

And now I have to go and prepare myself for Daniel's first day of school. He seems fine; don't know about myself though...


Jacqui said...

The blanket is brilliant! I'm not surprised it was well received :) The hat is great too, and frankly as a non-knitter anything knitted is like magic to me.

This year I've added jelly to my repertoire

Heh heh.

Hazel starts school in 4 months, I'm dreading it like anything.

Cat said...

Blanket looks awesome, well done! Good luck for tomorrow, I will be thinking of you :-) but it will all be fine, you'll see :-)

Cotton Kiwi said...

The blanket, cake and hat are all Awesome Heleen! Good luck with the first day of school.x

Ruby in the Dust said...

Aah, you guys are awesome! daniel had a great day, by the way. Dropping him off was hard though; he was very upset but the teacher said it only lasted 30 seconds :)

Edith Miller said...

You are such a talented lady and I love reading your blogs. Makes me think what I can make. The blanket is really great and has inspired me, because i have a few wool blankets and candlewick bed spreads.


Ruby in the Dust said...

Thanks Edith :) I am so glad when somebody gets inspired by something I've made; please send me some photos if you end up doing something with your blankets!