Thursday, May 27, 2010

Button envy

My work yesterday had me delving into the button box, so I thought I'd share a few photos with you; they're so beautiful, and I've never met anybody who didn't like buttons... This here is my 'good' button box: all the nice colours and shapes, no boring bits in this container.
My black and whites. I really like the shaped plastic ones from I suppose the 40s and 50s; they're all so geometric. A lot of the detail is lost in this photo; I should do some close-ups soon.
And now for some cheery colour; these look so delicious.

While I've got you, just look at what I scored for $3 today: a little basket filled with mother of pearl and leather buttons, some old button cards, beautiful woven ribbon, vintage knitting and sewing pattens, wooden knitting needles and a piece of screenprinted fabric.

And tomorrow night I hope to show you what I've been making for Sunday's Kraftbomb, so do come back for some more button action :)


Songbird Designs said...

They are heavenly!! I want, i want!!!!

Frangipani said...

Just found you and I'm enjoying your blog. I'm beginning to be a bit of a button hoarder myself this is my collection here