Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring kimono

Some friends of ours in Melbourne have a new baby girl, so I made her a pretty little spring kimono today. I used the softest old tablecloth with a hydrangea print and some green vintage bias binding. Totally impractical piece of clothing for a one-month old, but every girl needs something to wear when she goes out, right? The pattern is 'Lucy's kimono' from the book Weekend sewing, a very easy little project. I just made a small adjustment; added a small keyhole in the right side seam so that the ties don't bunch up on the inside.

It was a good opportunity to play around with my new overlocker. I bought it last weekend and have been slowly getting to know how to thread it and things like that. It's the Babylock 097 and seems like a very sturdy number. FYI, I keep it on a tray so that I can easily move it around on my table when I need the space.

I also made the brooches for the giveaway, so if you haven't entered yet, just leave a comment before tonight :)


Cat said...

Nice - did you buy your overlocker new? I have been thinking about buying a new sewing machine and maybe an overlocker, but there are too many to choose from!!

Ruby in the Dust said...

yes, it's new Cat. I got it from the onehunga sewing shop; they have a good selelction and really know what they're doing, even gave me an hour's tutorial before I bought it!

Lara said...

gorgeous Kimono!