Sunday, September 19, 2010


It's time for the elsiemarley kids clothes week challenge, or EM KCWC for short :) I've decided to join in this time, as I've been dying to see what my overlocker can do, and my boys need clothes for the new season. Two birds with one stone. The challenge is to spend one hour every day this week sewing for your kids, and my expectations aren't too high; I want to finish at least two t-shirts and two pairs of shorts. If I have enough time there may be more t-shirts.
It's when I start looking through the pattern books that I feel so sad that I don't have a girl; all those gorgeous little tops and dresses in so many colours. Pretty much the only boy pattern that I could stomach was for pj's, which will become raglan sleeve t-shirts and 3/4 shorts. Are there any nice boy patterns out there; something simple and unfussy, but cool? The one Oliver + S pattern I like looks like it's out of print. Might have to start making my own...

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Jacqui said...

Can I loan you a couple of my Ottobre magazines? Or 'Sewing Clothes Kids Love'? There are lots of cool yet simple boy's things in them that I'll never make! Happy to drop them off to you.